We offer express or emergency repairs for the music industry and professional users who depend on functioning speakers and monitors for their work.

In addition to an absolute prioritization of repairs and express delivery, there is also the option of performing on-site repairs. For this we have developed a special mobile workshop and optimized it to the usual baggage weight of 20kg for air travel. This means that you can repair your loudspeakers worldwide within a very short time.


Case study - AVOCADO TREE Studios - Madeira (https://www.bretterbauer.at)

Dynaudio M4 P 5.1 Surround System Custom made by Andy Munro (http://munro.co.uk)


The Situation

5 boxes with a total of 14x 12" Dynaudio 30W100XL bass loudspeakers, 10x Dynaudio 17W75 midrange drivers and 5x Dynaudio Esostar T330 tweeters and 5x Dynaudio D76 midrange drivers.

After 20 years, all the foam surrounds on the bass speakers were defective, and the air filters in the pole cores of the cone speakers ran the risk of dissolving and damaging the voice coils. The cone cones and the midrange and tweeters were very dusty.

There were no more spare parts from Dynaudio or replacement speakers with rubber instead of foam surround.


The following work was carried out

  • 14x Dynaudio 30W100XL repair with original Dr Kurt Müller foam surround SR250 (used by Dynaudio)
  • 14x Dynaudio 30W100XL replacement air filter of the pole core
  • 10x Dynaudio 17W75 replacement air filter of the pole core
  • Cleaning of all membranes and domes


Dismantling, packaging and shipping were not necessary due to the repairs on site. The loudspeakers were fully operational again 48 hours after landing.

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